Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures 

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Semi-Frameless Shower Doors In Salt Lake

Semi-frameless Shower Enclosures

For customers who want the feel of a European shower enclosure without the expense, the semi-frameless enclosure is ideal. The glass is thinner but can include some of the attributes of the European enclosure. The hardware is available in several finishes and there are many different choices in glass patterns as well as clear glass.

At Solar Window & Door Inc., the needs of our customers come first. Whether you’re looking for a budget shower door or a door that will give your bathroom a luxurious feel, we can help. Our team members are experienced and knowledgeable, and they will work with you to help you make the best choice for your bathroom and your budget!

Our Custom Shower Doors Will Match Any Space

We take the time to customize the design of every semi-frameless shower door for our customers. We make sure the doors will fit your space perfectly from top to bottom. Simply provide us with the exact measurements of your space, and we’ll start working on your bathroom enclosure!

Affordable Shower Doors

We provide free estimates to determine which products suit your specific budget and needs. Our staff will be more than glad to assist with your purchase and provide more details on available door designs.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure

A semi-frameless shower is a mix of framed glass and frameless glass.  However, the glass used in this style of shower is much thicker than in a framed shower and the door is usually frameless.

How To Choose Between A Framed Shower Door, Semi-Frameless or European Frameless

A frameless shower provides a more sleek and modern look, as the entire enclosure is see-through. It is often the most expensive option but worth the price. If you are on a budget or like the classic walk-in shower look, a framed shower tends to be the most affordable option. When homeowners can’t decide between frameless or framed shower doors, the semi-frameless shower door is a great compromise; you get the best of both!

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