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Choosing A Pet Door

Most pet owners recognize the responsibility of owning a pet. They must be fed, played with, and let outside and back in several times a day. With all the obligations of owning a pet, installing a pet door offers a solution to make life with your pet a lot easier.

However, pet doors can pose a unique challenge to homeowners. Fortunately, Solar Window & Door Inc. is here for all your Utah pet door needs. We have a number of pet door options that will allow Fido or Fluffy to move freely while keeping your home secure and energy-efficient.

First, you must decide on the style of pet door that would best compliment your home. It’s important to examine each different style based on your needs before making a decision.

Our Security Boss dog doors and cat doors come in a variety of sizes to fit all breeds of pets. They have a security locking feature that can be slid into place and locked when you are away. To read about one of our pet door installations, click here.

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Pet Door Location

Since pet doors are built for convenience, it only makes sense that they can be installed in several different locations. If you have a place in mind – it is likely we can make it work.

Most homeowners are looking to allow their pet outside access and so install their pet door in an exterior door. This is a great place and affords a lot of advantages. But it is not the only place to consider.

A wall pet door gives you the freedom to install a door anywhere in your home. You will need to examine your foundation and insulation but many homeowners like the flexibility of this option.

If you don’t want to drill into your wall – installing a luxury glass pet door is a perfect choice. They come as an insert into your glass door and slide right along the track. This does not take away from the elegance of your glass, but can be somewhat costly to install.

If you have a screen door – you can consider the benefit of having both the access to a cool breeze and the ability for your pet to quickly come and go.

Pet Door Size

Pet doors are not made for one size fits all. You will need to measure your pet. The easiest way to do this is to start with the width. Face your pet, then measure from the largest body part – hip or shoulder – from one side to the other. Add a couple of inches to assure you have enough space. Measure from the shoulder to the chest and add two inches to get your height. You need to be sure you have enough room that your pet can walk through without touching either side. Also, if you have a puppy – be sure to allow for growth.

Solar Window & Door Inc. is your source for Utah pet doors. These doors are a fantastic option for all pet owners. They give your pet independence from you and lower your stress level. Remember there are many different options for style and location. Call your Salt Lake door company of choice today to learn about your pet door options and for a price estimate!


What To Expect With A Pet Door Installation 

High-Quality Products & Installation

Whatever your product needs are, we offer quality materials from a variety of major manufacturers. We also guarantee you’ll love the results.


Experienced & Trusted

We take pride in what we do. Our staff members are experienced and honest, giving them the ability to provide prompt and accurate installation services. 

We Save You Money

We understand the best choice isn’t always the most expensive one—it’s what meets your needs while also fitting your budget.


Call Solar Window & Door Inc. today to get a pet door installed! You’re going to love the convenience and style of our unique pet doors. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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