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Solar Window & Door Inc. has been serving as Utah’s glass company in Salt Lake City for over 40 years. We serve residential, commercial, and industrial property owners throughout the Wasatch Front and the rest of the Intermountain Region.

We place a high value on our reputation, which is why we seek to give every customer the best service possible. At Solar Window & Door Inc., we will never subcontract window and door installation work, and we ensure that all of our glaziers are highly trained, experienced, and courteous.

In short, when you call Solar Window & Door Inc., you can expect the best possible experience. With that experience, comes an ability to offer a wide range of services spanning from glass railings and tabletops to doggy doors. Solar Window & Door Inc. is your Utah glass company of choice!

Glass Railings

Glass railings create a sleek and contemporary look both commercially and residentially. Along with a unique look that is sure to impress, it keeps that great view in site. When needed, our team will create a tailored glass railing specifically for your needs. Whether your railing project is for your balcony, patio, banister or any other need, our design team will be able to achieve your functional or aesthetic expectations.

Our team’s wealth of experience allows us to provide insight and solutions for even the most demanding project conditions. You can choose from a wide variety of top rail designs, as well as multiple mounting options and colors. The Solar Window team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the perfect railing system.

Glass Table Tops

At Solar Window & Door Inc., we have the capability to custom cut, bevel, polish, and temper your glass for any type of tabletop. This ensures a perfectly customized fit, gives you the opportunity to choose the glass type you want, and gets it delivered to you in record time for your home and office needs. Whether it’s a glass table top replacement, glass table top cover, or a table design of your own, the steps for customizing your glass table top are the same. Our glass table tops are custom manufactured, which means that all pieces can be to your specification. Here are a few reasons why it is a good idea to use glass tabletops:

  • Protect your furniture from nicks, scratches, and other possible damage.
  • Refresh older pieces with a less permanent option, as compared to stains or paint.
  • Glass is beautiful; a glass top is an excellent way to add shine to an otherwise dull item.
  • Elevate the impact of wood tables or dressers while protecting these investments from scratches, glass rings, sun damage, and scuffs.
  • Order a tabletop to complete a table, nightstand, or even a plant stand.
  • Renew old glass table inserts with a glass table replacement; outdoor tables are especially vulnerable to damage and weathering.

Call Solar Window & Door Inc. today for the best glass installation company in Salt Lake City. We can give you the best prices and the best service. Call today!

Only the Best Mirrors

Custom Mirrors

Choosing a custom mirror for your home offers a unique insight into your personal taste.  Customizing your mirror allows you the freedom to determine what size you need and the type of glass you prefer. You can choose to add a frame or add details that reflect your individual style. Mirrors can come with simple, polished edges or have beveled edges to add a distinct look.


Mirrors Salt Lake City

In some areas of your home, a mirror fills a need. Mirrors visually enlarge spaces, show off furnishings or sculptures or make a room brighter by reflecting light.  In other parts of your home, they might simply be a piece of decoration.  But regardless of whether you’re using them to fix your make-up or to bring depth and additional lighting into a room, mirrors are a beautiful addition to any home. Whatever type of mirror you are looking for, Solar Window & Door Inc. can help you choose the best choice for your space. We look forward to working with you. Call the top mirror company today!

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Salt Lake Glass Company

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is created for safety purposes via chemical or thermal treatment. When a plain glass panel is broken, large chunks with sharp edges are left behind which can leave nasty cuts. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is tougher, so it doesn’t break as easily. When tempered glass is broken, the glass fragments into small pieces, which cling together. Housing codes require some areas only contain the safer, treated tempered glass.

Glass Doors

All glass doors can be used to divide a room without completely visually closing it off. Glass doors are a great idea if you are wanting to create a new home office, home gym or just want to divide the living room from the dining room. By doing so you will create more privacy in your home while keeping the appearance of the same space.  Increase the elegance in your home by installing beautiful custom glass doors.

Here are a few reasons why it is a good investment to use glass doors:

  • They are sustainable
  • They provide significant energy cost savings by minimizing conventional lighting
  • Allow natural light throughout the home or office
  • Create a feeling of openness

Give us a call, and we’ll send out one of our experts to give you a free on-site estimate and a price quote.

So whether you need a glass railing, glass tabletop, glass barn door, glass waterfall, or a doggie door, Solar Window & Door Inc. is your glass company of choice in Salt Lake City. Call us today for all your Salt Lake City Glass Company needs!

Glass Barn Doors

Choosing the perfect interior barn door can change the entire landscape of a room. It can create simple elegance and comfort, especially for smaller rooms with less space for a swinging closet or door. Because of the open area that allows light, conventional lighting can be minimized for energy saving purposes. Solar Window’s pursuit of excellence in design, development, and quality has made the company a leader in glass doors. Help us design a custom barn door perfectly suited for your space by choosing hardware finishes, decorative glass options, and handles. Once you experience the quality and design of our doors, you are certain to receive a project result which will compliment and add value to any space.

Glass Wine Cellars

Glass showcase cellars are a bold and beautiful way to proudly share your wine collection. Our latest jewel-like glass cellar racks are something to behold adding sophistication and elegance to your home or business. When determining where to build your glass cellar, remember to choose a cooler area of your home, like a basement and remember to incorporate space for future growth. Here are a few reasons to use glass for your cellar needs:

  • Displays your wine proudly by not hiding it in boxes and dark cellars
  • Creates a traditional or contemporary look
  • Custom glass options include frosted, tempered, etched or beveled edges and will truly make your wine collection spectacular

Solar Window & Door specializes in customizing every project we work on to your specific needs. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can make your vision of your wine collection become a reality.

Glass Waterfalls

Solar Window & Door Inc. offers a wealth of knowledge of custom indoor glass waterfalls. We have been providing superior water feature products, systems, and services for decades.  Our water features are engineered to exact standards, using the highest quality materials and built to stand the test of time.  Our design team will evaluate your request and provide concept validation services. These services will include our recommendations for construction methods to help best achieve your design intent and ensure proper functionality. Choose from several floor-standing and wall-mounted designs, and personalize your glass waterfall with a company logo or business name. It is amazing how a simple water feature can drastically change your surroundings. With the addition of a new water feature, your home or office will transform into a relaxing and peaceful environment. 

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