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Solar Window and Door Inc. combines elegance and beauty with our Euro shower enclosures & doors for Utah homes. We offer the best selection of enclosures to suit any bathroom design – from classic glass doors to modern frameless enclosures. With our products and expert installation services, you can turn your simple space into a complete luxury setting in no time.

Different Styles to Highlight Your Bathroom’s Theme

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be just another room in your home—it can become one of your home’s major highlights with a little help from Solar Window and Door Inc. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or planning a more contemporary layout, our company can offer different shower door styles to match your bathroom’s theme.


Customized Doors to Match Your Space

We take time to customize the design of every Euro shower door for Salt Lake City customers. We make sure the doors will fit your space perfectly from top to bottom. Simply provide us with the exact measurements of your space, and we’ll start working on your bathroom enclosure!

Premium Products to Suit Your Budget

At Solar Window & Door Inc., budget isn’t a problem. We provide free estimates to determine which products suit your specific budget and needs. Our staff will be more than glad to assist with your purchase and provide more details on available door designs.
Contact us today and get a firsthand experience of our quality shower door replacement.

What Is a Euro Shower Door?

What makes a Euro-style shower different? Shower doors are generally trimmed with a metal frame, however, the Euro-style door does not emphasize the frame, and is often frameless.

As a result, a European frameless shower door requires a thicker glass and a high-quality glass installer. This style of door can be a little more expensive than a regular framed shower door. It is well worth the cost if you are going for beauty, elegance, and lower maintenance. 

Why a Frameless Shower Door?

A European frameless shower door provides elegance to any bathroom. It provides guests with a clear view of design features or decorative tile in your shower. However, this trending shower offers more than just elegance and style. The Euro shower door is also easier to clean since it has one continuous surface. Since it has fewer crevices for water to seep into, it even helps decrease the chance of mold growth.

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European Frameless Shower Doors

Are you tired of getting stuck to your shower curtain? A sliding shower enclosure is a beautiful way of enclosing your bathtub or shower, available in framed and frameless panels with a variety of finishes and glass choices. The stay-clean tracks are easy to maintain. Sliding doors are especially ideal for showers with wide openings and even small bathrooms. They are easy to maintain, durable, and they can enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

Solar Window & Door Inc. is Utah’s choice for shower window enclosures. Our team is knowledgeable in every aspect of glass shower enclosures, and they will be able to help you make the best choice.

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