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Salt Lake City Visit

I am not from Utah but I have lived in Utah for over two years. I live about 30 minutes from downtown and I have only been a few times. The times that I have been to the downtown area of Salt Lake City have been really fun and happened while living in another state.

My first visit to downtown Salt Lake was for a wedding of my father and Stepmother. They were married in the Salt Lake City Temple. It was a beautiful September day on the Temple Grounds. The flower beds and trees were amazing which made for excellent pictures. It was such a fun day. The wedding, the luncheon and then the reception later on. I remember I wore a beautiful dress and felt so grown up. All of us girls were able to go shopping and pick out new dresses and the boys picked out new suits. I am sure the total amount spent on the new clothes for the wedding was quite high considering how many outfits they bought. There are 7 children in our family and my stepmother has 5 children, making a combined number of 12 children. Our photographer seemed to struggle to get all of us in the pictures. It was quite funny to watch him try to get that many people to smile and fit them in. Even though they later divorced, we always felt a connection with my stepmother and my sisters.  I even went to her next wedding reception years later.  Although the marriage didn’t last, my first day in Salt Lake City has become a beautiful memory that I will always treasure.

The second time I visited Salt Lake City was actually for another wedding! This time it was for my stepsister just after high school. At this point, our parents had already divorced but I was still very close to my step sister. We were best friends in high school since we were in the same grade and did everything together. I was just a few months older than her. I remember her wedding day like it was yesterday. How could I forget, it was so cold!!! That was my first experience in Salt Lake City during the cold season. They got married in the late fall so there were not many flowers blooming but it was still beautiful. Their wedding took place in the Salt Lake Temple as well which I loved going to. I had to travel from Washington which was over 700 miles but it was totally worth it.


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