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Experiencing Salt Lake City

I have travelled through utah on several occasions. We would pass through on our trips back and forth from Washington and Arizona as a child. It never seemed like a place I would want to live. However, I did enjoy seeing downtown Salt Lake as we drove down the freeway. I thought it was so beautiful, especially at night with all the buildings lit up. It was amazing how the temple just glowed. It always impressed me whenever I got to see Salt Lake City.

My first actual visit to downtown Salt Lake was when my dad got remarried. He married a lady from Orem in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a lovely fall day on the Temple Grounds. The bloom beds and trees were astounding which made for superb pictures. It was such a fun day. The wedding, the lunch get-together and afterward the gathering later on. I recall that I wore a delightful dress and felt so grown up. We all young ladies could go out on the town to shop and choose new dresses and the young men selected new suits. There are 7 kids in our family and my stepmother has 5 youngsters, making a joined number of 12 kids. I was quite the feat to outfit all of us for the event. Imagine the difficulty for the photographer trying to get all of us to look good for a photo. We got to enjoy Salt Lake City for a couple of days before our new step mother and her 5 girls headed back home to Washington. We called ourselves the BRady Bunch times 2. My first experience of Salt Lake City was eventful fun and exhausting. It has turned into a wonderful memory that I look back on occasionally.

The second time I got to see Salt Lake City was when I decided to move to Utah to stay with my sister and help her with her five kids. I was single, and did not have any real good reason to stay in Washington so I decided to leave. I figured it would present many more possibilities than the small town I grew up in. She actually lived in Kearns, which I had never heard of.

We went shopping at what was then ZCMI Center mall. We took a tour of the Joseph Smith Memorial building, the visitors center and spent some time on Temple Square. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building was probably one of my favorites. The view from the roof was breathtaking. We spent most of the day downtown. It was beautiful and peaceful even though there were quite a few people around. When we got hungry we went to the cutest little sandwich shop I have ever been to. It was called Robin’s Nest. The lady that took our oder was so sweet and friendly. I later found out that her name was Robin, and she was the owner. That made me love the place even more. I frequented that little shop when I worked downtown years later.

No matter what you are looking for or wanting to do, you will find it in Salt Lake City.


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