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Eborn Books In Salt Lake City

I have loved books ever since I was little. I loved nothing more than to be able to cuddle up next to the fireplace in the basement with some hot chocolate on a cold winter day and just read for hours. Surprisingly enough I actually read the least in my family. My mother and sisters can finish a whole book in one day where it would take me a week or so. Because of my fond love of books I have always found it fun to find really old books or books with historical meaning or value. So when I stumbled across a little store called Eborn books, I was automatically in love. It is this small little book store in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah right off of Main Street and 300 South. There are a couple other reasons why I love this book store in particular. Right inside the doors off to the right is the cutest little coffee shop with the best hot chocolate and scones. What a perfect thing to have in a bookstore. Then you can just buy a book, sit down, sip a little of a fantastic drink, and enjoy the peace and quiet while you read.

Another thing that caught my eye was that there was an upstairs that was open so you could see the good majority of it. When I walked upstairs to see what was there I was surprised to see that there were many sub-layers of the upstairs itself. The sections were various in topics but all extremely unique in decor. One area that had a lot of travel and adventure books had matching decor and a huge antique safe that was a beautiful dark blue color. It is so fun to wander all around the upstairs and see what is there. On the main floor, there are a couple of display cases that have all their pricey or valuable and collectible books. There were some books valued at over $3,000! It was interesting to see some classic books and their originals and how much the covers have changed. So both of those floors were beautiful and had their own fun things, but the basement was a whole different story.

First off, when you walk into the basement after a couple of flights of stairs, it is almost always pitch black. The first couple of times I went there I didn’t think there were any lights that I could turn on so I would just use my phone light, but there are a couple of light switches that you can use. Once you explore the basement for 10 minutes, you will never want to leave. They have old national geographics that date back to when they first opened, historical and fashion magazines from the 1970s and probably further back, and my personal favorite of old city maps and pipelines. It is so cool to see what Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County looked like before all the development and Utah University were put in. When you are in Salt Lake next, go take a look at Eborn books. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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