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Window enlargement – Can I make my windows bigger?

If you’ve owned a house for many years, chances are you’ll encounter its defects, damage, and accumulated wear and tear. You’ll also notice the little faults and imperfections that you’ve only discovered recently. And for these flaws, there is a likelihood that you’d want to have them fixed or changed.

One of the common features that undergo renovation are windows. Many homeowners have considered getting their windows refurbished, especially the ones in front; be it for aesthetic or functional purposes.

Beautiful windows can create a magnificent façade for your home. If wind or rainwater can infiltrate into your home, the windows may need a revamp. If a window overhaul has entered your mind, perhaps you would consider a redesign. Would you like to have the windows bigger? Speak with the professionals.

Here are a couple of things you may need to know if you’re considering on resizing your windows:
[su_column size=”1/2″] 1. When we talk about window replacement, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything should be replaced. Sometimes you can manage salvaging parts of the window and frame, reusing parts and avoiding extra work to tear those pieces out. In a nutshell, window replacement is about replacing the majority of the window components; i.e., glass, pane, etc. In many cases, it is quite impractical to remove and throw out everything and be replaced by another window set.[/su_column]
[su_column size=”1/2″]Window enlargement [/su_column]

2. Are you looking to replace the entire wall? Is the window’s area completely rotted out, so that it’s impractical to use the same window components? Unfortunately, this calls for a complete window replacement. An overall overhaul becomes necessary when none of the existing components are usable.

3. Window enlargement or renovations are not a do-it-yourself project. To ensure a better quality of work, let the professionals do the job. They have the right tools and skills to take on the work. Consider the time, effort, and money you’ll have to invest in mastering the learning curve. In the period you have learned the ins and outs of the job, they have already finished the work. If you let the professionals do the project, you can save yourself the trouble.

4. Expect to dish out a considerable amount of dough if you want to pursue an extensive window renovation. The key to cutting the costs lie in choosing the right window materials or the people to do the work. Also, don’t close your mind to no-name brands. With the high level of competition between the affordable and expensive brands, there is virtually no distinction as to the materials’ quality and features.

5. Some carpentry may be involved, especially if you want to make your windows bigger. Window enlargement will likely require ripping out a hole in the wall to accommodate a larger-sized frame for the new window. It is a manageable task, but you’ll need to get help from the professionals. Building codes restrict options here; sometimes you’ll have to build an entirely new framing in the wall around the window, other times you can modify the window framing. This can be very helpful when moving from a slightly smaller window to a newer, standard size that’s only slightly different. As explained by Lee Wallender , an expert at homerenovations.com:

When you enlarge a window opening up to eight inches horizontally, you can keep the same header and sill (the top and bottom parts of the window) and just install one new vertical stud to either side of the window.

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