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Home Window Tinting Salt Lake City

Window Tinting Salt Lake CityDid you know window tint could repel about 70 percent of the heat absorbed by the glass? This is particularly useful during hot, summer days when the sun is glaring. With the window tint on, you can enjoy a lowered overall temperature in your abode.

Window tinting can also enhance the insulation in your home. By installing tints, you can lower your utility bills by up to 30 percent. The blocking property of window tint can also eliminate the glare on your TV screen or computer monitor.

What’s more, having window film will protect you and your family from the harmful UV rays that permeate through the window glass. Think of it as SPF sunblock lotion that shields you from the cancer-causing rays. The window tint will also protect your furniture, floor, and other interior furnishings from fading due to sun exposure.

In addition, window tint offers a decorative layer that preserves the privacy of your home. If you are planning to have home window tinting in Salt Lake City, get in touch with Utah’s glass efficiency specialists. Come to Solar Window & Door.

Solar Window & Door wants for you two things. We want you to get the best value for your money while enhancing the efficiency of your home. For this reason, we deliver the superior-quality products and comprehensive services that you and your family will appreciate.

High-Quality Home Window Tinting in Salt Lake City

Are you considering on getting home window tinting in Salt Lake City? Solar Window & Door will ensure you get advantages of having a window film installed. Here are the benefits of getting window tint:

• It repels heat and harmful UV rays,
• It improves window glass safety,
• It eliminates unwanted glare, and
• It minimizes wear and tear, fading, or deterioration of furnishings.

At Solar Window & Door, our window film is easy to clean. What’s more, we provide a wide range of colors, styles, and design that fits perfectly into your home’s indoor setting. Thus, you do not have to alter your interior design. We promise you that our products will not damage your glass window. With these many benefits, you get a great deal that is the true value for your money.

Commercial Window Tinting in Salt Lake City

Solar Window & Door does not only provide home window tinting in Salt Lake City; we also provide complete commercial window tinting products and services.

Window tinting in commercial, educational, and medical buildings is also crucial in preserving the equipment and facilities. In hospitals, for instance, window tinting protects the patients and medical equipment in the event of a disaster by holding the glass together; thus, limiting the broken glass pieces from exploding and causing damage. In addition, because its design is to block harmful UV rays, window tinting allows light-sensitive research activities to push through.

Privacy and security are a vital issue in schools. To this end, safety and security window film can be installed to deter burglars and prowlers from carrying out their plans. Office buildings, on the other hand, are more comfortable when window tint are installed, contributing to employee productivity.

When you need home window tinting in Salt Lake City, get in touch with the trusted glass efficiency professionals. Contact Solar Window & Door at (801) 467-8885.