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Front Doors Reflect Your Personality

Exterior doors, more importantly, front doors,  sets the stage for your entire home. When a guest comes to your home, it is usually the first thing they notice.

Each type of exterior door can add to the curb appeal in different ways. For Utah residents, not only is it important to have a beautiful stylish door but one that is energy efficient.  Also, one that is good quality and well functioning, as it is used often.

If you are in need of a new entry door, below are the types of materials you can choose from:

Fiberglass Front Doors

Front doors made from fiberglass have become very popular. They are very durable as well as energy efficient. These doors have a foam core insulation and come in a variety of finishes. Also, they are resistant to scratches and dents that could come from the weather or high traffic volume. Unlike a wood door, fiberglass will not rot, warp, or expand.

Steel Front Doors

If you are looking for maximum security and protection, then a steel entry door is perfect.  Steel has all the benefits of a fiberglass door, only better. This thick gauge steel door, like fiberglass doors, has a foam core insulation to help keep your home comfortable throughout the seasons. Your steel front door will stand its ground against intruders and extreme weather.  Additionally, they come in many different colors and finishes.

Wood Front Doors

Easily the most expensive front door, the look of wood entry doors are unsurpassable. Being quite sturdy, they are a great security option as well. Wood doors come with a price.  Not to mention regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them looking exceptional. They are also susceptible to warping, expansion, and rotting.

Other Front Door Styles and Options

On top of regular entry doors, you also have the option of Storm Doors and Security Doors. Storm Doors come in steel, vinyl and aluminum. Performance would be the main factor when it comes to deciding which type to choose.

Steel Storm Doors

These are very strong and will not rot, warp, or crack. They are however, the heaviest and most expensive option.

Vinyl Storm Doors

The most energy efficient are the composite, or vinyl front doors. Although they offer solid protection from the weather, they are not the best option in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Aluminum Storm Doors

These doors are a great alternative to the heavier steel. They are durable and strong, but also much lighter. Extreme temperatures are no match for this door.

Security Doors

Home security doors have a solid and strong steel frame that can withstand a huge impact and force. There are a few reasons they can be a great choice for any home. For example, they can help stop intruders, more so than a regular door. In addition, they can handle a greater force of storms and harsh weather. Overall, they offer a much higher degree of protection than a normal entry door.

No matter what kind of front door you are looking for, Solar Window & Door is here for you. We can help you choose which material and style is best to fit your specific needs. Begin your next entry door installation or replacement with Solar Window & Door.  Call today at (801) 467-8885.