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Entry Doors

Entry doors can make or break the exterior appeal of your home. As guests walk towards the house, the first thing they will see is the door. It’s one of the most noticeable features of any home.

Apart from providing security and comfort, a good quality entry door from a Salt Lake City shop can improve the aesthetic value of your house. At Solar Window & Door Inc., we offer a selection of doors suitable for the budget and style of every homeowner.

The installation and replacement of entry doors in Salt Lake City involve different factors, making it difficult for homeowners to decide alone. With the help of Solar Window & Door Inc., our experts will be with you during the decision making process. You can choose the right door for your home without worries!

Here are some features you can get from our professional services:

  •  Choice of Material –Choose from our fiberglass, steel, and wood pieces. The type of material affects how your door looks and provides security, especially during bad weather.
  •  Style options – Regardless of the theme of your home (classic, contemporary, or minimalist), we can help you find the right style. You can also contact us to request a specific design.
  • Hardware options – From handle designs to hinges, we give you the freedom to choose the type of entry door hardware. We offer finishing touches, too.
  • Color options – We offer different colors for your entry door, from primary and secondary shades to a mix of different hues.
  • Decorative glass options – Add some creativity and use designs or textures to fiberglass entry doors with frosted and glass decals.

Contact us for all your Utah entry door needs. We will send an experienced consultant to perform a free, professional on-site estimate, so you can pick the most suitable choice for your home.