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Composite Windows

Today homeowners are switching the direction of window replacements. In the past, they only had the option of wood or vinyl to select from. Now they also have the choose of a new option, composite windows. Composite windows present significant advantages and benefits to homeowners that in the past were not available. Allowing owners another lasting choice for window replacement.

Being new to the market, many people are unfamiliar with the makeup of composite windows. They are crafted with several materials, mostly ground up vinyl combined with sawdust or woodchips. This mixture is held together with an epoxy. The advantage of choosing composite windows is their durability. Since they have the benefit of both vinyl and wood, they can stand up to most wear and tear. This allows a homeowner the best of both worlds.

Composite windows are the perfect option for those that love the look of a natural wood window but do not want to pay the high price or deal with the ongoing maintenance involved in owning wood windows. Since composite windows combine the benefits of both vinyl and wood, this gives a homeowner the most sturdy window on the market. This is a good choice for all different types of homes.

There are many benefits of investing in composite windows that are not available with either wood or vinyl windows alone:

Energy saving- since they have the same thermal properties as a wood window they are an ideal choice for energy efficiency.

Little Maintenance – with the combination of aluminum or vinyl in the exterior they require almost no maintenance. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth or spray off with the hose keeps them looking new for years to come.

Long lasting – The combination of materials that make up composite windows give them their strength and durability, making them a good long term window

Beautiful – the windows come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. This offers several options to help find the perfect look for your home.

No leakage – Composite windows are a solid choice that mirrors wood windows, resisting any air or moisture leaking through them and into your house. The tight seal also cuts back on utility bills keeping your home energy efficient all year round.

Environmentally friendly – Most composite windows are built from recycled goods making them an environmentally sound choice. The best green aspect of these windows is the fact that their frames can be easily recycled, helping reduce the hardship on our surroundings.

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