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Solar Window & Door is pleased to offer some of the finest windows on the market!  As a full-service window company, our window replacement specialists will see to it that you are completely satisfied with our services—from the moment our sales professional comes to your home to the final inspection after your new windows have been fully installed.

Whatever your window needs, we can help! We offer a variety of materials from major quality manufacturers. We have a frame to fit every home, including:

Vinyl Windows

Durable, attractive, affordable, and energy efficient, vinyl windows are the ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for a budget friendly way to replace old windows. If you are tired of having to strain to open your old, worn out windows only to find that they stick, won’t open, or refuse to stay open, we are here to help. Many homeowners are unaware of how much of their hard-earned dollars are discarded each month through a leaky window. Vinyl windows are low maintenance and will protect and insulate your home for years to come. Our easy to maintain, energy-efficient vinyl windows will not only bring beauty into your home, but they will also help make it easier for your heating and cooling system to control your indoor temperature and keep your home comfortable all year long.

Solar Window & Door’s extraordinary windows are made using a remarkable vinyl material that does not rot, fade, or need to be painted like natural wood. It will not corrode, rust or dull like most metal window panes. Vinyl is one of the most superior window options on the market today. A quick rinse off with the hose or wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s required to leave your windows and home looking brand new year after year.

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Fiberglass Windows

For our customers who are hesitant about using vinyl frame windows, fiberglass is a good alternative. These structures are primarily constructed of glass fibers and resin, neither of these materials expand or contract much with changes in the weather or temperature. It has only been in the past few years that the complex process used for window designs have allowed the use of fiberglass. Cutting edge technology has made it possible to use fiberglass for both frames and windows. In the last couple of years, it has become extremely popular among homeowners due to its beauty, strength, and durability. Our Integrity Fiberglass windows are available with a white or wood veneer interior with choices of white or colored exterior frames.

Solar Windows & Doors uses high-level fiberglass that resists swelling, warping, and rotting. The window frame widens and condenses at closely the same proportion as a standard insulated glass it frames helping to improve energy effectiveness and strength. A fiberglass frame is not required to be painted but the material does allow it to be painted should you prefer to change the color scheme of your windows or home.

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Wood Windows

Wood windows have forever been among the most favored alternatives for homeowners. When you think about it, there are not very many things more enchanting than a beautiful natural wood window frame.

Wood is one of the most common materials used for window replacement frames—and for a good reason! Wood frames are attractive, strong, and they provide a high insulating value. Wood frames come in several styles and are perfect for an older, historic home, or to bring warmth to a newer contemporary home. .

The issue surrounding wood, however, is that it is not known to stand up very well to the year-round elements. As time passes, wood will begin to split, rot, bloat, soften and overall deteriorate. Composite window frames give us the balance of the beauty of natural wood as well as the durability to stand up to the harsh effects of nature.

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Composite Windows

Today homeowners are switching the direction of window replacements. In the past, they only had the option of wood or vinyl to select from. Now they also have the choose of a new option, composite windows. Composite windows present significant advantages and benefits to homeowners that in the past were not available. Allowing owners another lasting choice for window replacement.

Being new to the market, many people are unfamiliar with the makeup of composite windows. They are crafted with several materials, mostly ground up vinyl combined with sawdust or woodchips. This mixture is held together with an epoxy. The advantage of choosing composite windows is their durability. Since they have the benefit of both vinyl and wood, they can stand up to most wear and tear. This allows a homeowner the best of both worlds.

Composite windows are the perfect option for those that love the look of a natural wood window but do not want to pay the high price or deal with the ongoing maintenance involved in owning wood windows. Since composite windows combine the benefits of both vinyl and wood, this gives a homeowner the most sturdy window on the market. This is a good choice for all different types of homes.

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Aluminum Windows

When you are looking for a large window opening area, where weight may be an issue, aluminum is an excellent option. A large area in need of a window can be a great concern to the elements, such as wind, hail, and extreme heat. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the frame making the strength imperative. Because of this unique benefit, aluminum windows are the number one choice of commercial building applications. Most contractors select this option because it is the cheapest alternative as well as has the advantage of blocking out the most sound. Making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the city. This does not mean you have to live in a large office complex to enjoy the advantages aluminum brings. Aluminum window frames offer a number of significant benefits. They are aesthetically pleasing, resistant to even the most severe weather, and capable of being used in a variety of settings. Although not particularly efficient, aluminum framed windows are exceptionally firm and tend to have lower profiles than the more efficient structures.

Most contractors select this option because it is the cheapest window alternative available, as well as, has the advantage of blocking out the most sound. Making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas of the city.

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Window Repairs

We have access to many parts and accessories to repair your old windows and patio doors. We can also replace glass whether single pane or double pane on your windows or doors. Insulated glass that has failed (steamed up) is very easy to replace and does not need to be expensive. We also repair and replace screens for windows and sliding glass doors.

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At Solar Window & Door, we are fully committed to providing the best possible customer service! Contact us today, and one of our glass professionals will be happy to help you find the perfect windows for your home.

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