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Screen Doors

A solid screen door lets fresh air and a cool evening breeze into your home, all while keeping insects, pets, leaves, and dirt outside where they belong. Most screen doors have a simple design and can be installed or repaired quickly.

There are several different options when deciding on which type of door best fits both your home’s style and functionality. We only use the best quality steel framed swinging screen doors or aluminum sliding screen doors. We build them to fit properly in your doors.

Some screen doors have hinges that open like traditional doors and are most often paired with the front and back doors of a house. This allows your family access to cool evenings or fresh air without subjecting your home to the outside nuisances.

Homes with a sliding glass door that opens to a patio usually also prefer a sliding screen door. Not all sliding screen doors are made to last. But you can relax with Solar Windows & Doors we only offer the best doors available.

Some homeowners opt for a retractable screen door that is only visible when being used. These screens roll out when you need them and retract back discreetly when you don’t, giving you a clean, unobstructed view when desired.

When looking to buy an exterior screen door, customers have several choices in material for the frame and the type of screen used. A door frame usually consists of vinyl, steel, or wood. Wood can easily be painted or stained to best match your home’s exterior colors. It is also an option to buy the frame already pre-finished. Steel frames would be the most sturdy and stand up best to children and pets. Vinyl frames are often the best price and provide excellent protection from the outside elements.

A large assortment of window screen mesh is available for screen doors as well. Most customers choose a fiberglass screen knowing the material will not unwind, dent or crease. We recommend a vinyl-coated fiberglass screen if you live in sunny areas and are looking to help block the heat. Aluminum mesh is sturdy and resists rust making it an excellent choice for severe weather conditions.
Besides the material for your screen, the mesh can vary in how tightly woven the screen is. If your screens have a tighter weave, it will better keep insects and debris from entering your home. It is also important to consider the color of your mesh. Darker mesh allows better outside visibility because it absorbs less light.

Solar Window & Door is your choice for Utah screen door solutions. We believe in keeping our customers fully informed of all their options so they can make the best possible choice for their home. Give us a call, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to let you know your options.

We provide free on-site estimates. Contact Solar Window & Door for the highest quality screen doors and screen door installation services in Utah.